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artwork, recordings, and other creative work

Zen, Yoga, Gurdjieff

Lee's Blog on esoteric religious practice

The Microbial Octave

Lee's blog on biology


Essays on the Gurdjieff work

The Esoteric Bosch

commentaries on esoteric meaning in the artwork of Hieronymus Bosch


Photo essays and journals from Cambodia, Mexico, China, and the Hudson River Valley

Photo essays from Xian: Grand Mosque and Famen temple; terra cotta warriors


Parco dei Mostri (Sacro Bosco)

A photo essay and analysis of the extraordinary mannerist garden by the Italian eccentric

Pier Francesco Orsini



Sarah's Memorial Page; The Famous Dog Isabel; Gut Bacteria links; Lee's bees: science articles on bees; Rock On!; Paintings by William Adie




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