photographic memories of

Sarah van Laer-Hansen

Dec 19, 1959- Oct. 21, 2011

Sarah in Holland, 2010. Lookin' good, feelin' good!
Sarah in 1961. What a cutie!
Sarah in the front yard at Burchard Lane, Stamford, CT fall 1962
Sarah at Lee's birthday Oct 1 1962. Evil brother to the left.
Sarah's Fourth Birthday- dec. 1963
Lee and Sarah circa 1960-61. Our halcyon pre-hippie days.
The house at Burchard Lane, Rowayton, CT. This is where Sarah came home to right after she was born. In today's world most walk-in closets are bigger. Has probably been bulldozed to make room for a McMansion by now.
Bonneke van Son, Lee and Sarah about 1962-63, front yard, Burchard Lane, CT
Lee and Sarah at Burchard Lane, about 1962. The dawn of the miniskirt era. Lee obviously more conservative, old school.
Sarah Circa 1961-62, looking rather professorial.
Sarah circa 1963-64, missing a tooth. Maybe the first one.
Lee and Sarah, about 1963. From the looks of it, Lee is plotting an Evil Sibling event.
Lee and Sarah, Germany, about 1963. Note our mutual air of faux innocence.
Sarah in the back yard, emulating red riding hood, Pikartenkamp, Hamburg, Germany about 1963
Sarah doing the princess thing at the Pikartenkamp house, Hamburg, Germany, Christmas 1965 or 1966

At the future site of the Avon, NC house- Outer Banks- summer, 1965. The place was a freakin' DESERT...

Not a house in sight anywhere. Little did we know what this would lead to.

Sarah in Avon, NC-at the pool next to the Froggy Dog- mid 1970's. A major hang-out place.
Nick and Sarah in Holland, mid 1970's
The van Laer family circa 1983: Kathy, Lee, Nick, Oma, Sarah, Helen. Unlikely Oma remembered anyone's name by this time, but she was cool with that.
Sarah at graduation, Rosemary Hall, with Nick and Helen
Sarah at graduation with Nick and Betsy van Laer
Sarah and Harry at their wedding
Sarah with cousin Tim Obert, mid 1980's
The van Laer and Hansen families at 39 Eagle's Nest Lane, NC July 2 1998
The Hansen Family at home in Stone Ridge, circa 2002
All descendents of the Hazen clan: Dora, Sarah and Rebecca, vamping at Nick's 80th birthday, Nov 2008
The Hansen and van Laer family at 47 Ferdon Ave, Sparkill, NY June 12, 201... featuring a typical Sarah pose!
Sarah with Stella van Laer
Sarah at home with Aunt Pat Obert


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